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Conscious spiritual living

At Khemia we push our own boundaries and structures, we discover new healing paths, we talk crystals and smudging and share what we are currently loving.

We believe that the world is much more than what we see and touch. We know that when we combine our inner and outer world, we become co-creators with the Universe of our own lives. We are here to hold space for our community to discover and live spirituality their own way. We create and share tools to live authentically, consciously, beautifully and connected. Welcome to our community!

Let your Intuition Guide You

Discover our Most Loved Crystals

Thank you! I have purchased several merkabas and other crystals from Khemia Crystals as gifts for clients. They love them. Thank you for taking such great care with my orders :)


I originally wanted the tourmalinated quartz but unfortunately there weren’t any more left. I ended up selecting clear quartz and when I showed it to my friend, it spoke to her so now it’s hers. So apparently I ordered it for her. Planning to find a tourmalinated quartz one like I originally wanted.

---- Karen

This shipped super quickly! I love the Merkaba for more tactile meditation. The mini ones have an extra fine point which can feel a bit sharper than the larger ones, but it's also good sensory feedback to keep present.

--- Amber

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John Doe

Choose Your Intention

Don't know about crystals? No problem! Pick the Energy you want to connect with, we will do the rest!