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W H A T  I S  K H E M I A ?

In 2018, Maria Lovera created Khemia from her home’s Den with an open heart and a curious mind. Khemia was born to be a judgement-free space where we discover and live spirituality our own way. 

We believe that the world is much more than what we see and touch. We know that when we combine our inner and outer world, we become co-creators with the Universe of our own lives. We are here to hold space for our community to discover and live spirituality their own way. We create and share tools to live authentically, consciously, beautifully and connected. We want to welcome you to the Khemia Tribe.



We push our own boundaries and structures, we discover new healing paths, we talk crystals and smudging and share what we are currently loving.



We intuitively hand-pick crystals and other healing tools for our healing journey. All of our products come from sustainable, cruelty free, conscious sources and support local communities. We only share tools that we believe will help you in your inner journey.



We believe that spirituality needs to be experienced and integrated. We believe in the power of the Tribe, of our community. We create events to learn to open our hearts and to connect.  No matter if it's at the beach holding hands or through a digital room, we hold space for others to heal and evolve.