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Power Points Crystals for Meditation, Rituals, Energy Work


Power Point Crystals  

1. Amethyst- Protection, transformation, harmony and chill vibes!

Perfect for any space at home or the office. You can place it next to your bed to battle nightmares and insomnia, or around the kitchen to promote healthy choices. 

2. Bloodstone- Courage, energy and vitality

Brings vitality and revitalizes the mind when it feels stuck or drained. Stimulates the root chakra, grounding us and giving us support in our process.

3. Clear Quartz-  Mental clarity, Manifestation, Transcendence

Clear quartz is one of the most abundant and commonly used crystals, we can find it in the sand below our feet, our cell phones, watches, and computers.

Just like it works in technology systems, clear quartz amplifies the energy from its surroundings, making it the perfect ally to manifest objectives and intentions.

4. Rose Quartz- Unconditional Love

Rose Quartz will open your heart to Love in all its forms: towards your partner, family, self love, compassion and heart break. It will also help you forgive and see conflict from a different perspective as it represents unconditional love.

5. Sodalite- Communication, Intuition and Focus

Sodalite is a very powerful Stone to work the third eye and the throat chakra. Meditate with it to understand and get to know yourself better, which will help you to discover your truth and communicate it with certainty.

6. Sun stone- Life force, Drive, Joy & bliss.

Sunstone channels the energy of the sun, It helps us find excitement, joy and bliss in the
littie things. It gives us a powerful push, giving us drive to take action and express our
essence. This crystal banishes procrastination from our life, making it a great ally when working on achieving goals and studying, It instantly lifts our mood and fills our body with life force encrey. It's also great for channcling our leadership qualitics and own our personal power.


7.Tiger's Eye- Protection, Courage, & Drive

It activates the root and solar plexus chakra, helping us to ground and develop courage and drive to conquer any of life’s challenges.

These Power Points are extra special. They can help you harmonize spaces (Place them at the entrance of your home or office for protection), assist in meditation and also channel energy during rituals and in crystal grids.

8. Unakite- Heart healing, Unconditional love, Motherly Love and Connection.

 It is also the perfect crystal to work on emotional balance and connection when
navigating a new love relationship. Its beautiful combination of pink and green, -colors
associated with the heart chakra- it' s ideal to support our




Power Points Crystals for Meditation, Rituals, Energy Work


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Joahnnyflor Acero

Excellent, I love it