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Crystal Face Rollers


Self Care & Relax, Facial Massage, Toning & firming

Using these rollers to massage the face will tone the muscles, firm the skin, relax the nervous system and enhance skincare products absorption.
These rollers are made with brazilian amethyst and opalite AAA quality, which wont harm the skin.

Amethyst - Relax and de-stress

Rose Quartz - Self Care

Jade - Youth and serenity

Opalite - Helps overcome fatigue

How to use your roller:

Gently roll the massager all around your face. Use bigger roll for cheeks and front head, and the smaller roller for more sensitive areas like underneath the eyes. Be mindful of applying the right pressure and be gentle with your skin.

Pro Tip: Keep your rollers in the freezer for de-puffing and cooling off the skin in the mornings!

Crystal Face Rollers