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Shungite Stone Merkabas from Russia for EMF Protection & Detox


EMF Protection, Detoxification & Healing

Shungite is a stone that is mainly formed in Russia, that has become very popular due to its protective and detox properties.

How does Shungite work?
Shungite reduces and transmutes the effect of electromagnetic emissions from electrical grids, computers, cell-phones, Wi-Fi, appliances, and other electronic devices—meaning shungite transforms harmful manmade EMFs into waveforms that are more compatible with our biology. Place one of these merkabas on your desk next to your laptop, on your nightstand next to your phone, and around the TV area for it to work with the emissions of these devices.

Shungite boosts energy levels, heals, combats stress, detoxifies, and purifies body and mind increasing physical and mental balance. In Russia, this mineral has been successfully used in medicine, ecology, agriculture, water filtration, metallurgy, chemical and construction industries, and even spas have been created around it.

Russian scientists confirm that, in addition to being a natural antioxidant, it can improve immune system function. It also actively interacts with various electromagnetic fields (anthropogenic high-frequency, solar, geopathogenic, biofields) and neutralizes their negative impact.

Shungite is the ultimate Energy field protector, healing the lower chakras and allowing energy flow (Qi or Prana). Its incredibly grounding energy is perfect for meditation and stress management.

All merkabas are 1.5 in long

Shungite Stone Merkabas from Russia for EMF Protection & Detox