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Natural Selenite Wand for Energy Clearing and reiki healing


Cleansing & Clearing

If light could be solid it would take the form of Selenite.

This is the crystal that everyone reaches to when clearing energies of any object, person or place.
Sometimes unwanted energies stick to us from the streets, contact with other people or objects. Selenite comes to the rescue and acts as an Energy Detox that cleanses and purifies everything around it.
Wands are perfect to meditate or keep at your desk's drawer to calm down during stressful times.
You can also place Selenite on your home or office entrance, or close to your bed to avoid nightmares.
It’s also one of the most used methods to cleanse and clear other crystals.
Amazing, huh?


Their Story:

I was blessed to travel to Morocco in 2019 to visit the Mines. I was able how Selenite in its natural environment, how its obtained from it and then the process to make their way into our home. I source these natural Selenite wands from the miners in Midelt, Morocco, which I have been able to stablish solid and trustful partnerships with.
These wands are the perfect size to carry in my bag or have in my desk drawer for emergencies. They are pure light.

Size and Specifications:

One Size Only: All wands are the same size, between 4-5 inches long.

Natural Selenite Wand for Energy Clearing and reiki healing