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The story behind our Ceremonial Cacao Cups

Once we set an intention, the Universe organizes all the puzzle pieces to bring it down to earth and manifest it.

I learned this when I set the intention of co-creating some cups for ceremonial cacao with the Universe. I didn't want it to be just any cup, I wanted to find something meaningful, a story that would resonate with the essence of Khemia. 

And then Amanda showed up. I don't remember very well our first interactions, but I do remember my excitement when I discovered her work. My first cacao cups were made by her, and I can remember perfectly the joy when I received them and the connection that I felt with them every day as they were assisting my journey.

Last year when I finally decided to begin this project, I contacted her to ask if she would like to partner with us. We talked on the phone and made an instant click as if we were working together from other lives ✨.

She was as excited as me, but there was one aspect to consider. In a few weeks she would embark in a journey across America in her van. She would try to make some samples on the road and we would take it from there. What might have seemed like an obstacle at first quickly turned into a fun and magical journey that only added more value to these little cups. Amanda would make each of the cups in different places in the country, in the middle of nature, completely connected with the earth, our intention and her art. Her commitment, her creative force, her love and joy inspired me along the way.

She handmakes beautiful and mindful ceramics with underlying messages of giving, connection, and love as part of her beautiful brand Token Moment.

Token Moment redefines the perception of what makes something valuable by creating tangible reminders that empower ourselves and uplift others. They are physical vessels for thought and emotion, facilitating moments that could otherwise pass us by.

Amanda’s journey with ceramics has been an important part of her own healing process, and her wish is for Token Moment to be a part of the individual and collective healing journey by providing meaningful ways to connect and by nurturing fulfilling partnerships that spread joy and deepen connection.

I am beyond honored and grateful to welcome her to the Khemia family and to have been able to co-create these light vessels with her.

With Love,

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  • Pangfua on June 18, 2022

    I love this story! I have been looking for some beautiful vessels to serve cacao from and am so excited to see what you have created!

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