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Xmas with Intention: Our Holiday Gifting Guide!

It's that time of the year again! 

Maybe you are all into the Holiday Cheer, or maybe like me, you are more of an empath that kind of dreads Holiday reunions. In any case, you probably are facing that same question you face every year: what to gift to your loved ones.

At Khemia, we believe in gifting with intention. Why? Well, because when you give with intention theres a special energy that is created and that the other person receives. Gifted crystals for me are the best type of crystals because the person that gifts them is actually sending you a very special type of energy without judgement that is pure, loving and intentional. Think about it, when we choose our own crystals, sometimes we are fooled by our egos and our mind chatter that tells us what we think we need. But when we give a crystal, we give it from our heart space, truly hoping it will bring light and healing to the other person.

So, in the hopes of helping you to pick the right crystal for every single type of friend and relative you have, we have worked on an easy, to the point cheat sheet for you! Yay!

1. For the Entrepreneur

We all have that hustler friend that is trying to make it big with their own business. These crystals will support them in different ways:


 Pyrite channels luck, monetary abundance (which every entrepreneur needs!), drive and confidence. It is a great option for the hustling friend.

Shop Pyrite

Clear Quartz:

The manifestation stone. Clear Quartz amplifies the energy around it, making it the perfect ally to manifest your friends intentions. Invite them to meditate with it, or place it on top of their business goals for it to do its magic. Believe me, You'll friend will thank you later!

Shop Clear Quartz


2. For the Cosmic Friend

Yes, I am sure you have that weird friend that talks about astral traveling, rituals, plant medicine and long meditations. We got you! They will LOVE these crystals.


A third eye and crown chakra crystal, Labradorite connects you to the Universal wisdom. It is great for astral traveling, connecting to Akashic records and even past life recall. Let me tell you, your friend will have so much fun with it ;).

Shop Labradorite

Ceremonial Cacao

Yes, Cacao! Ceremonial Cacao is a sacred beverage that opens the heart and connects us with unconditional love, our ancestors, guides. It is an amazing tool for meditation! Our Cacao Kits are amazing because they explain how to create your own ritual and even include a QR code for a guided meditation. The best part? They're only $16! Want to make it extra cute? Pair it with one of our ceremonial cacao cups. You're welcome ;).

Shop Cacao


3. For your Athlete friend

We all have that friend that is super fit and has the latest gear for the sport their practice. However, i am sure they do not have this, and surely would appreciate it:

Obsidian Massagers:

Obsidian dissolves trauma and pain in the body. These massagers are hand polished to make them perfect to give yourself a nice massage on any part of the body. They also feel great on sore muscles when heated in bain-marie before placing in the body.

Shop Obsidian Massagers

4. For the Lovers

Maybe your friend is looking for their twin flame, maybe they're focused on themselves and learning to love them first. Or maybe they have been in a couple for a long time and are looking to make it fun again! 

Rose Quartz:

The ultimate heart-chakra crystal, Rose Quartz opens the heart, connecting you with love in any of its forms. Couples, self love, compassion and forgiveness.

Shop Rose Quartz


5. For the Beauty Guru

Maybe your friend is obsessed with skincare routines, achieving a long-lasting healthy glow and looking their best. We have amazing options for them too!

Crystal Rollers & Gua Sha's:

These skincare tools will tone and contour the face muscles, increase product absorption in the skin, while relaxing and infusing the skin with crystal healing energy. Pro-tip: Tell your friend to keep it in the freezer to help with puffiness.
Shop Self-Care tools


6. For the Creative and artist:

In every family or group of friends there's always a singer, painter, writer, or at least a marketing specialist. This is a very specific group that would really benefit from the energy of crystal healing.


This multicolor stone balances the third eye and heart chakra, promoting the creative flow throughout the energetic field and dissolving any creative blockages. It also promotes productivity and focus.

Shop Fluorite


7. For the looking-to-be moms, expecting moms and new moms

If you're my age, you probably are surrounded by friends that are starting to try to have babies, or are already on the journey of pregnancy or maybe they already have a baby stole their heart. Believe me, I have a lot of experience on this section, not personal experience, but most of my friends check one of this boxes. Here are my favorite crystals for them:


For that friend that is on the journey of getting pregnant, Carnelian will heal any blockages in the womb that might be making the process a little harder.  Tell your friend to place on the area of the womb and visualize a healing red light infusing it.

Shop Carnelian


Unakite or Rose Quartz:

Unakite and Rose Quartz are beautiful crystals that strengthen the bond between mother and child. They are both heart chakra crystals and when given a specific intention of love and protection towards the baby, will help expecting mothers to start building that bond, and moms to strengthen it.

Shop Rose Quartz

Shop Unakite


8. For the Crystal Lover

Hey, we could NOT leave this one behind! Yes, you probably have a friend that is obsessed with crystals and won't stop talking about how you would benefit from them (they're right!). You're probably thinking they already have enough crystals, but hey I am sure they don't have this.

Selenite Cleansing trays & Bowls:

I am sure you know crystals need to be cleansed every now and then since they absorb energy from its surroundings. If you're friend is like me and has a lot of crystals, cleansing them can be a little bit of a challenge. Selenite is one of the few crystals that actually cleanses everything around, making these bowls and plates the perfect gift!

Shop Selenite


9. For the Boss

Yes, you want to be on your boss good side and I know you don't want to spend too much money. We got you!


The chill pill of crystals. Amethyst relaxes the nervous system while protecting your energy. And its also beautiful for decorating the desk! This is a no brainer.

Shop Amethyst



Have you heard from EMF? Electromagnetic frequency. Basically every technological device emits a frequency that can deteriorate our energetic field and affect us emotionally and physically. Shungite creates a barrier between these waves and our field. They are great for placing on desks next to laptops and cell phones.

Shop Shungite

10. For the Free Spirit

That friend that hugs trees, goes on retreats, loves yoga and connecting with others.

Polychrome Jasper:

One of my new favorite crystals, polychrome jasper is quite literally a natural work of art. Its multicolor layers connect us with the elementals of nature, grounding us and connecting us with the core of the Earth.

Shop Polyhcrome Jasper



My all time favorite crystal, I had to end with this one. Celestite channels the angelic realm. It is the most soothing and peaceful energy there is. It unleashes our spirit to connect with other realms and our guides. It is also GORGEOUS and an amazing gift!

Shop Celestite

Let me know your thoughts and if my suggestion resonates with the person's energy. I definitely think it will!
With Love,

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